Friday, January 30, 2009

First Post!!!

Hi Guys!!!

I'm just now sitting down to edit and create backgrounds etc for this blog. My plan is to have it done before I head in for surgery next week. So fingers crossed I'll have it done this weekend. Pretty exciting isn't it!!! :-)

I know what will have you jumping up and down squealing "Yippee!!!" for sure! Ready? Ok, here goes...

I've got a couple scrap kits in the basket ready to go!!!

Cool Huh!!! :-D That's ok!!! Let it all out!!! Feel free to do that jumping and squealing!!! I do it all the time!!! Just ask the kids at recess, they'll vouch for their crazy recess teacher!!! LOL

So, check back in a couple days to see what's up!!! Can't wait that long? Stop by my website for some beaded beauty like that bracelet up there!!!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!!!