Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chelsea Paper Doll Mix!!!

Now that my surgery is over and I'm on the mend I had enough energy the past few days to sit down and play on my pc. It took a few days to get this one done and ready to go because it's hard to sit straight up for long periods of time. I had to stand for part of this. LOL And take lots of long breaks!!! But in the end it was all worth it! The previews are just quickly put together but show all the elements and papers. The stage curtains are included as well as the background of sky and grass that Chelsea stands on. I've also included the body part outlines so you can flood fill them with any pattern you would like. It's really fun to make these little figurines on real paper with lots of glitters and embellishments! I'll take the time to sit down and play around with her the next time I'm able. We'll see what I come up with! It could be the freebie for this kit!!! ;-) Yep, that's a small hint!!! LOL
Ok, this Personal Use kit contains:
2 Chelsea dolls, one with wings the other without.
1 psp un-merged Chelsea Doll without hair so you can move the arms and legs as well as place your own photo's as the face of the doll. The body parts have been flood filled with pale pink. 7 body parts in all.
1 Crown
1 Black Bird
1 Fastening Button
3 Scribble Wings
5 Body Part Outlines
1 Chelsea Face
4 Outfit outlines
2 Silver Glitter Tutus
2 Frames
5 Flowers
7 Bows
1 Crystal Hair Clasp
7 Tied Ribbons
2 Hair Colors (both front and backs)
1 Curtain Outline
1 Red Curtain
16 Papers

Here's the link to purchase this kit for $5.00!!!


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