Thursday, April 23, 2009

CU Overlays!!!

I've just finished up 3 New Sets of Overlays!!!
You can find them @ Paradise4Scrappers , ScrapItSassy, HeartbeatzCreationz, theCreativityBox, and finally MooTwoDesigns!!! Well, they've actually been done for a while I've just been procrastinating on doing the preview pages. LOL Yes! I'm a huge procrastinator!!! LOL I have no clue why...It's just how it is this month. Probably too much time spent out with the boys running them to soccer and baseball that when I have a free day I just want to make beads and listen to a good book.
So since I've procrastinated I'm now able to share all 3 Overlay Packs with you!!! That's pretty cool isn't it!!! :-D
And I'll try to remember to edit the photo of some of the Gorgeous beads I made for one of my favorite customers tomorrow! You're gonna Love them!!!

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